Commercial print needs are always going to be part of a growing business. So we have put together a list of 3 tips to help you get started with your next print project in Nashville. Take a look.

 Set An Appointment

 Reach out to a local Nashville commercial print company and set up a time to sit down and plan your print project. This will give you the opportunity to discuss expectations and costs associated with your commercial printing needs.

 Discuss Color

 This is huge and should be discussed early in the process. It can be the difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Consider which of the following colors will you want your print project to use?

 1. Any color (RGB)
2. Single color
3. Spot colors
4. Process colors
5. Process plus spot colors
(Learn more about spot and process colors here)

 Once you have the project in mind, choosing colors should not be an issue. You may use your logo as the basis for your colors, or choose a simple black, white and one color combination to save money. Either way, it is important to determine colors at your first Nashville consultation meeting.

 Select Paper

 What is your commercial print project? Is it a banner, business cards, magazine/book, or flyer? Once this is decided, you can work with your Nashville print company to discuss the appropriate paper size, weight, and finish.

 Remember, always start with a consultation and use that time to determine the resources needed for your project. Be sure to use these tips to get you started the next time you have a commercial print job that needs to be completed in Nashville. For more information and tips, check this out!

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