Creating a commercial print project for press can be time consuming. There are many details that must be discussed ahead of time with your Nashville print company. Here are two more to consider when making the appropriate preparations for print.


 Firstly,  it is important to pick a font for your text. Try to choose one that is easy to read and works with your brand. Remember that your Nashville printing team can also assist with this step.

 What may look good on a computer screen may not look good blown up for a banner or sign. On the other hand, what may look too small or wrong on a computer screen may be perfect for your new brochures and business cards. Don’t be afraid to ask your print company for their advice.

 Picture Source

 Pictures come in all shapes and sizes. They come in various resolutions and can be saved numerous ways. That’s why this step is vital. Make sure that any pictures you need for your final commercial print project are prepared in the correct format.

 For example, graphics are made up of pixels. The more detail you see in a picture, means the more pixels it has. It’s resolution is expressed in pixels per inch (ppi). As you change the size of a picture, it affects the pixels and how the picture is seen; i.e. blurry or too low of a resolution. Thus, how a graphic is saved and resized is something that should be discussed with your printing team.

 Next time you have a commercial print job that needs to be completed in Nashville, remember that font and picture source are important. Being prepared may just save you time.