According to PPS-mail, a mail service company that focuses heavily on providing direct mail campaigns, there are five ways to use variable data printing (VDP) to its full potential. VDP is a great way to reach a wide customer base while still keeping that personable message to each customer.

 1. Direct mailers for events or products

 Instead of doing multiple print jobs for separate events or products, VDP can increase efficiency by getting several events or products into one print job. PPS uses real estate as an example by stating that real estate companies are able to use VDP to place multiple listings within a single print job.

 2. Greeting cards

 Throughout the holidays, you may receive cards from family, friends and even companies showing their appreciation to you for being a loyal customer. Having those cards personalized can make a big difference. Using VDP can allow your company to personalize each card for your customers, making that delivery even more personable.

 3. Personalized coupons

 Many companies waste their money by sending out coupons that people don’t utilize. Using VDP to personalize coupons to the customer will increase the likelihood of them using the coupon and build loyalty. Send the customer coupons based on their previous purchase patterns.

 4. Client-specific graphics

 Adding certain font and graphics can appeal to different demographics. It’s important to make a direct mailing piece appealing to the eye from the moment the customer gets it. Printing through VDP can give the option of using different graphics to personalize toward a specific target market.

5. Fundraiser mailing

 When asking for a contribution during a fundraising event, it’s important to make that individual feel appreciated. By personalizing each mailer with the recipient’s name and return address, it lets that person know that they’re known for their contribution and help.

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