We all remember flipping through holiday catalogs of our favorite stores and brands trying to find the perfect gift to buy or ask for. Using a printed catalog can help you gain new clients and exposure for your local Nashville company. Modern catalogs display much more than just pictures. They hold stories, profiles and even product articles making the purchase not only intriguing, but also a way for the customer to engage with your brand. AddImpact lists five benefits of creating a catalog to display your company brand.

 1. Gain exposure

Instead of waiting for the customer to come to you, you bring your brand to the customer. Sending out a print catalog is a great way to reach new clients. According toBusiness2Community, consumers who received catalogs in 2014 spent an average of $850 per year in catalog purchases.

 2. Building your brand

Use the catalog as a way to expand on your brand and build customer loyalty and engagement in Nashville. Add visuals and articles that expose the message that you’re trying to convey about your brand.

 3. Address your audience

Tailor the information specific to your target market. Focus on marketing based on your customers’ wants and needs.

 4. Inform the reader

Printing a catalog doesn’t always have to be focused around filling every page with product pictures. Fill the pages with credible company information and stories to help generate new customers and build loyalty.

 5. Sell yourself

Make sure the customer is able to grasp the mission behind your brand by looking through the printed catalog. Focus on company attributes and product benefits that appeal to your customers, hopefully resulting in the purchase of your products. According to retail consultancy, Kurt Salmon, 31% of shoppers have a catalog with them when making an online purchase.

Let Ambrose Printing Company print your catalog in time for the holidays and new year!