Look around. How many restaurants and small businesses do you see popping up around Nashville? Are one of these new businesses yours? If so, that means it’s time to start discussing your basic print needs and we are here to help.

 Is your business a restaurant? You will likely need a food menu.

 Anytime you dine out at a food establishment, there is typically a menu of what is offered. While sometimes it’s on a wall or board as you walk in, most times it is a tangible item brought to your table for viewing.

 If you plan to provide a tangible menu for your guests then it’s time to discuss design layouts and printing. Will you offer one page or a folding menu? Will there be columns or graphics? These are all questions that your local printing company can assist with when finalizing your menu.

 Are you a photographer, event planner, or offer individual services? This calls for a pricing sheet for services.

 Think about it. Once you schedule a consultation and meet with a potential client, it’s important to have a pricing guide available of what services you can offer. This will be what they take home to review or compare to your competitors. That means it needs to stand out.

When designing your pricing guide, consider these questions. Will it be a one-page document or a packet? Will it be stapled or provided in a folder?  As you determine what you want, let your print shop handle the rest.

 Do you own a store or sell multiple products? Then try a one pager that provides basic information.

 The goal is to have your location, website, and all basic information easily accessible. That’s why having a one pager is relevant for your small business. You can give it out with your business card or drop it in the bag each time an item is purchased. Don’t take for granted the opportunity there is to get your brand out there.

 If your business was discussed, then remember these tips for your basic print needs. Time to get busy!