If you live in Nashville, you are either a musician or know a musician. That means that music is being made and needs to be shared. One of the easiest ways to do so is by having your local print company make CDs.

 What is CD duplication?

It is the process of producing copies of a master CD that includes audio information. Even though music can easily be listened to online, more than half of the market share still comes from albums sold.

 How does it work?

CDs are read by optical readers that are found in most modern laptops and desktops. Lasers burn information onto the CD and this automated process can produce multiple units in a short period of time.

 What to remember.

 If you are a musician or know one, then you realize the amount of hours that go into making a single or complete album. That means that it’s important to have your master CD on a high quality disc. This will ensure that your Nashville printing company can make quality albums during the duplication process.

Remember these points when working on your next CD and reach out to your local print company for help. To learn more about this process, visit here.