It may seem basic, but the printing culture is actually an elaborate thing. There are so many different types of printing and many different projects that can be completed. Here are just 3 of the more popular printing styles used in Nashville.

 Commercial Printing
This can be done at most print shops, but what is it? Commercial printing is the art of taking a print project and multiplying it into a large quantity in a short amount of time. Anytime you receive a flyer or event program, it was likely once a commercial print job. In general, it is a great way to get your advertising done in bulk.

 Variable Data Printing
Often known as VDP, variable data printing is a way of personalizing your Nashville print project. This form of digital printing allows you to change elements such as text or images from one printed item to the next without slowing down the process. What this means is that you can have a list of names and personalize each print item using the list of names. This especially comes in handy with mailings.

 Publication Printing
This may be the most forgotten about type of printing but it is still relevant. “The book market is in better shape than a few years ago, eBook growth has tapered, and printed book volume has increased for two years running,” says Gilles Biscos, President of INTERQUEST.

 Basically, publication printing is sustainable and still a great way to grow a brand. You don’t even have to print a book because a magazine or pamphlet may do the trick.

 Which printing method do you prefer? Try a new one and see if it’s just the extra step you need to make your company excel. Either way, all three are likely here to sa