Although many people read their news or magazine subscriptions online, it does not mean that print is dying. Even though many flyers and promotions are shared in a digital format, print is not dying. Johan Basson, CEO of Bytes Document Solutions says, “Strangely though, the amount of material being printed isn’t falling, it’s actually rising.”

 Why is this?

 Print can be distributed everywhere.
For example, it’s hard to match the exposure that a postcard campaign has. Not to mention, it’s one of the cheapest marketing tools available. While there are the costs associated with design and distribution, the low cost along with widespread reach has kept this form of print relevant.

 Print builds trust.
Information can be easily distributed online, which has become its greatest downfall. Because messages can be created, edited and published within a matter of minutes online, they appear less reputable.

 A print project takes days and sometimes weeks to design and print, which makes it a trustworthy item. Readers appreciate print more so because of the amount of time taken to present it.

 Print is easier to read.
This may seem crazy, but many readers prefer to read a publication in hand than from a device. In fact, eBooks have decreased in popularity in the most recent years. Fads have come and gone, but print has been in existence since the 1400s with the start of the printing press. It’s not going anywhere.

 It’s more important than ever to embrace the opportunity to utilize printing in your Nashville marketing campaign. These reasons show that print is not dead and is thriving more than ever. So, keep Ambrose Printing Company in mind for your future print needs.