Your business card is just a small snippet of who you are and what you do. So, why not make it stand out? Let it be a conversation starter. We have put together three ways to make your business card do just that.

1. Don’t Cram
Your business card is only so big, so try to keep information down to a minimum. It is not necessary to include every form of how to reach you. Yet, include the most engaging ways you can be reached to immediately be able to offer your help and services. Since your address will likely take the most space, consider only putting the city and state on your card.

 2. Show Your Work
Guess what? It’s okay not to make your logo the center of attention. Instead, show some of your work or allow the design of your card to represent what you do.

For example, if you are a photographer, make one side of your card one of the pictures you have taken. If you are an architect, then incorporate lines and angles throughout your contact information that’s already on the card. Be creative when choosing how to showcase yourself and business.

3. Make People Question
Here’s a chance to make your business card a conversation starter. It can be as simple as saying “Contact me about how I can help you or for a restaurant recommendation.” This way, when a future client looks at your card, they may see you as not only a resource but also someone they can relate to.

If you need more inspiration or help with your business card design, ask us! We can work with you from design to the printing of your finished product.