Some of the perks of taking your design project to your local printing company is that they can print large quantities and on different types of paper. They can also help with the binding and trimming of projects. Now that you know who to go to for printing, it’s time to consider the steps to take when preparing your design for print.

 Step 1: Finalize your design with your Nashville print company. They will help you determine any changes necessary to print a high-quality project.  This should include discussing the color(s) you want to use in your design.

 Step 2: Determine the size of your project. Again, your local print company can assist you in determining the appropriate size for your project to print accurately. You should discuss the bleed of the design during this step.

 Step 3: Choose a quantity. Before any printing can begin, you must know how many you will need. Since a commercial printer can quickly print large quantities, the sky is the limit. Just determine what your advertising goals are to help you choose the appropriate quantity. Plus, you can always print more later.

 While these steps may seem simple, do not rush through them. Finalizing the design could take several days as you work with your local printing company. Once that is complete, the final two steps should be smooth sailing.