Looking for a great way to promote your Nashville business? Large format printing may be just what you need! This printing technology has been growing rapidly in popularity simply because it allows the flexibility to turn wide images and texts into attractive and effective advertising tools. Large format printing is ideal for projects that utilize heavy visual or graphic content by allowing a larger print area to work with.

 What exactly is large format printing?

 Large format printing can also be called wide-format printing. The process utilizes top quality printers with a color combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Also, it differs from typical printing projects in that individual sheets of paper are not used. Instead it is a roll of sheets that are fed incrementally, and the ink is directly applied to the product. This makes for a relatively fast and cost effective printing process that results in a high quality product.

 What can I create using large format printing?

 -Posters – These can be mounted on gator board or on paper based stock of varying gloss. Perfect for wall or trade show displays, photo prints, and retail graphics

 -Vinyl Banners – Highly utilized for outdoor advertising and exhibit displays

 -Wall graphics/stickers – Fun and creative way to make your Nashville business stand out. This makes for a terrific statement piece with maximum visibility and is repositionable as well as fade resistant!

 What do I need to know?

 1. Margins are important.

Even though large format printing is perfect for wide images and texts, it is still necessary to allow for non-printable area in the margins.

 2. Document size matters.

The size of your document can effect processing time and cost so be sure to save longer documents as a series of panels, optimize you document, and save your project with an easily identifiable name and appropriate format.

 3. Asking for help is okay.

Sometimes you need guidance in creating your project. Your Nashville print company will be happy to assist you in designing your large format project so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.