Let’s take a minute to think about how color impacts daily life.  For instance, a gray, gloomy sky first thing in the morning versus a bright yellow sun instantly alters your mood for the day.  Traffic lights utilize color to keep us safe on our way to school and work.  Physical attraction can be directly related to eye color or hair color.  Green grass and leaves signify new life and growth.  We rely on colors to help us interpret and navigate the world.

 So, with so much riding on the importance of color, it only stands to reason that it should be a key factor when planning your next Nashville print project!  Whether you are creating business cards, magazine ads, or trade show displays, taking some time to include a distinct color scheme can make all the difference in how your product is perceived.  Colors stimulate the senses and impact our decision making. Different colors evoke different emotions and can create positive and negative impressions.

 Here are just a few examples of what different colors signify.

 Red:  passion, excitement

 Blue:  trustworthiness, seriousness, relaxed

 Orange:  happiness, sociable, affordable

 Purple:  creative, imaginative, luxurious

 Black:  high quality, elegant, corporate

 Green:  eco-friendly, caring, peaceful

 Keep in mind that men and women interpret color differently as do different cultures and age groups. Be sure to put some thought into who your target audience is.  Even though there is a time and place for black and white, don’t be afraid to bring color into your next Nashville printing project.  The results may just “color” you happy!