The most important part of your Nashville printing project is most likely the last thing you think about, but it should be the first! Paper is the foundation of your project and needs to be considered well in advance. It is the key to determining the overall look and feel of your product and helps you to determine and anticipate cost. There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right paper and it’s not as simple as you would think!  Here are just a few important factors to consider.

 What is the final product going to be?  

Whether you are creating a business card, a textbook, a flyer, or a photograph it is necessary to have a clear vision of what your printing project is. Once you know the answer to this question you can start to consider if the paper you use should be coated or uncoated, glossy or matte, colored or white. If your project will have text on both sides of the page then you will need to pay attention to the opacity of the paper you choose, meaning the amount of light the paper lets through.

 What level of durability do you need for the project?  

How long does the product need to last? If it is a novel meant to be read over and over, you will need to choose a different quality of paper than if you are printing an ad for a two day sale. This is where you need to consider the weight and the thickness of the paper.  You may also want to choose an acid free paper that withstands the yellowing that comes with age.

 What is the impression or feeling you want the final product to represent?

So much of your Nashville print project goes into the overall emotion that you want it to convey.  You will need to consider the brightness of the paper which impacts the readability and the contrast between hues.  If your project is eco friendly you may choose to use paper with a recycled content and visible fibers for a more environmentally safe feel.  If you want to portray an image of luxury, you may want to try a specialty paper in metallic, iridescent, or even suede!

It’s pretty clear that the paper you choose has a major impact on the outcome of your final product.  So, be sure to contact your local Nashville print company to assist you with the planning and design for your next printing masterpiece!