In January, we talked about CD duplication projects in Nashville and the significance of them in relation to Music City. Musicians, and the wonderful sounds they make are arguably the lifeblood of Nashville and the reason so many people flock to the city from every part of the country. Including liner notes with your music can be beneficial in numerous ways, so we’ll talk about the print process and the benefits.

 What are liner notes?

 Traditionally, liner notes are the paper inserts included with an album in order to give the buyer additional information about the music project and to credit the musicians, songwriters, backing vocalists, engineers, producers and everyone else who helps to bring an album to life. The notes can include almost anything. Many artists use custom artwork and high quality photography. Others want detailed documentation of the musicians and their instruments. Liner notes are also popular places for song lyrics. Some artists use these print projects as an extension of the album to further accentuate the creative process.

 Are liner notes important?

 With the booming popularity of streaming music, many wonder if liner notes are still relevant in today’s music market. In a city like Nashville, where music is so respected and prevalent, liner notes are still in demand. Giving the people who helped bring an album from an idea to a physical product helps everyone involved get their due recognition – and The Grammy’s still give an award for the Best Album Notes!

Pictures make your music memorable!

Make your music memorable and create unique content for your liner notes. Talk with a local photographer about the concept or idea behind your music and have a session to add high quality imagery to your liner notes. Speak with a local artist or graphic designer about creating a brand or logo to stand out online as well.

Lastly, having the lyrics to your songs in an easy to read format will make it that much easier for your adoring fans to sing in unison at your shows!

Using a local Nashville printing company might allow you to get even closer to the process, so get in contact today!