Choose The Best Packaging Design For Your Nashville Product

 “You only get one chance to make a first impression” is a popular phrase that many designers use for motivation. Consumers are spoiled for choice in every aspect of their lives and your product needs to stand out from the crowded masses! So, how do you quickly grab attention? Create an outstanding package that specifically markets your product to your target audience.

 How can you make this happen? Let’s start with two simple questions:

 Who is your target market? What is your product? They may seem like elementary questions, but having an in-depth conversation about your product and how it can fill an area of need in your desired market will make the entire process run much more smoothly. Talking about your product and the target market will grant greater insight into what exactly your product’s packaging should look like in relation to that audience.

 For example, think of an item you recently purchased in a store without any prior advice or recommendation. What drew you to this product? Did it stand out to you in some way? Many companies have a brand they adhere to when designing any product packaging; a code or template that says “this is what we stand for as a company”. Ensuring your packaging is aligned with your code makes any decision of artwork, font, color and any other factors that go into packaging that much easier.

 Think of your product and your brand? What colors best represent how you want to convey the message your company stands behind? For example, many organizations that define themselves as environmentally friendly will use natural hues such as browns and blues to signify an alignment with the Earth. Their target audiences will respond more favorably to packaging that is light on wasteful materials. Knowing who you are marketing to is just as important as how you market.

 So what product do you want to bring to the attention of the Nashville community? We’d love to help your design stand out from the pack, so get in contact with your ideas!