Even in an age where every media avenue is contemplating a shift to a digital imprint, paper/print marketing is still an effective way to advertise. Especially in a city like Nashville, which prides itself on “homegrown” and “local” business, the neighborly feel of a creative flyer can speak volumes to an audience about your brand. Whether you are opening a bakery in 12 South, a record store in East Nashville or a new restaurant in Sylvan Park, flyers are a great way to introduce yourself.

 Here are some tips for writing an effective flyer from Printaholic.com:

  1. Keep it brief

  2. Organize your information

  3. Use a catchy headline

  4. List the benefits

  5. Beat the competition

  6. Proofread your writing

  7. Include a call to action

  8. Highlight special deals and offers

  9. Know your audience

  10. Use only relevant information

  11. Use striking testimonials

  12. Put your contact information at the bottom of the flyer

  13. Make the font legible

  14. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

  15. Use the word “you”

If you follow those rules when deciding how to write the content of your flyer, you will see how easy it can be to tap into your local market. This kind of campaign is usually a fraction of the cost of more intensive strategies and can potentially show a great increase in traffic and customer interest.

 So get creative and offer your potential customers something tangible when you say “hello”! Ambrose Printing Company would be delighted to help you print your unique flyers!