Holidays are always marked on our calendars as events to anticipate and businesses can and should use these occasions to get creative with marketing and design ideas.

 Most companies dedicate a significant amount of time for holiday marketing for obvious reasons – often consumers are home from work on holidays and use the opportunity to participate in activities they would otherwise not have time to afford. Big corporations and small family-owned shops all get involved. Cinemas are often packed because of big budget holiday movies no matter the season and neighborhood stores line the shopfront with festive decorations. So, don’t be left out of the fun! Here are a few tips to ensure your business earns a bit of the holiday cash by incorporating these tips into their marketing plan.

 Plan Marketing Strategies In Advance.

The weeks leading up to the holiday should be used to decide what type of campaign would work best for your desired customer. Book stores will display cookbooks related to the holiday or festive-themed material such as ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas for the obvious lead up to the specific holiday. Have your audience primed!

 Choose a Color Design that Matches the Holiday.

This is one of the simpler steps as most holidays already elicit certain images beforehand. St. Patrick’s Day sees the world turn as green as Earth Day. Thanksgiving brings out the orange and brown hues accentuating the arrival of Autumn. The 4th of July explodes with the patriotic red, white and blue. Even though the colors are often predetermined, work with your local printing company to be creative and offer unexpected twists that catch the eye.

 Print Signs and Banners For Displays.

Once the color template is chosen, have signs and banners printed to prominently display the arrival of your holiday sale or marketing campaign. Have fun and be witty and your customers will respond. Make sure the dates for whatever is planned is displayed boldly as well! Ambrose Printing Company will be happy to assist in your printing needs!

 Get ready for the fun of holidays with your custom prints, Nashville! Your customers will thank you!