Hey Nashville, remember when we said:

 “Variable data printing (VDP) is something you encounter in your daily life. That barcode that you have to hover over your self-checkout kiosk a few times to ping – that’s VDP. Those square QR codes that allow you to scan them from your mobile device is also the product of VDP. Variable data printing is a process that allows for images, text or barcodes to contain information from a database or file in a quickfire fashion. With QR codes becoming increasingly popular with companies building their digital or new media presence, a company capable of producing these with consistency and quality is in high demand.”

 Well, we want to tell you more about how variable data printing allows you to customize your marketing needs for your customers!

 Personalizing with VDP is shown to lead to increased consumer response and it is easy to see why. Having a custom made calendar, flyer or brochure for a specific demographic, market or customer immediately makes your clients or potential customers feel wanted and unique. Using names from your existing database, VDP allows you to print specifically from your lists and send out customized “thank you’s and invitations.

 You will also save money and time by only printing what you need. So no more overproducing flyers and warehouses of junk mail.

 Also, QR codes may have faded a bit in popularity, but they can still be used to your advantage. Have a QR code on a mailer or postcard that allows your customer and scan and receive a special gift or promotion for participating. Use it to link to additional information that would otherwise crowd your mailers. The possibilities are endless!

 So, give it a try Nashville! Your customers and your marketing team will thank you!