Christmas is still a few months away, but planning for a calendar is never out of season. These print projects can be fun for you as well as the recipient because the ideas are only limited by your imagination! You choose the themes, colors and content! So let’s talk about how to begin!

 Who Is Your Recipient?

 How many times have you heard someone say, “this is exactly what I wanted!”? Or, “I was looking for something like this!”? Those sorts of exclamations are gift-giving gold! We all want a gift that is thoughtful and not something to add to the “return” pile. How do you prevent your calendar from suffering that fate? We will assume this is for a friend or family member so think of their hobbies or recurring purchases. Did your mom love the photos of your wedding? Try choosing twelve photos that will evoke cheerful moments from that day. Avoid including unflattering photos or that person she wished you had not invited. Unless you’re making the calendar a dart board as well! If your calendar is going to a close friend, then think of a musician, book series or sport they love and choose a theme. Sometimes an obscure thought can lead to an incredible idea so think outside of the box too!

 What Are Your Themes?

 Now that we know who you are printing for, we can design a custom product. Think of the emotions or memories you want your printed calendar to elicit. We wrote a blog earlier about color theory and similar principles apply here. Yet even that is not an exact science. You know your friend or loved one better than science, unless you ARE a scientist, so trust yourself. If you think they will enjoy it, include the idea. Some things are better left unchanged, so those Rocky Top designs should ditch any other SEC school colors!

An easy idea for many is using photos from phone cameras. It bypasses any copyright issues, unless you snapped a photo of the Mona Lisa, since you are the owner! We also tend to use our camera to catch “in-the-moment” memories. Have a peek through your archives and make a folder dedicated to the best quality photos. Separate them into categories and see what you find!

 Ambrose Printing Company can turn your print project into a gift they will cherish all year!