School’s in session! Students are back in the classroom routine and teachers are ready to mould young minds. We support instructors and their dedication to our children so we found a few bulletin board ideas to share from the great minds at Scholastic.

Idea 1: Promote reading with a favorite authors and books bulletin board! We love the idea of highlighting a different book or genre every month. Maybe start with one of your favorites and use quotes, scenes or characters from a book to share the enthusiasm! Book reports or class reads work just as well as bulletin board material!

 Idea 2: Megan Power’s “Tell Me All About It” board! This board is great for kids who always have a story to tell! Create a bulletin board with photos of the students and decorated blank spaces for them to write something that they want to share with the class. Working it into the routine before or after a weekend could be fun for setting a structure of how to share personal stories. It would also look great at Open House when friends and parents meet one another for the first time!

 Idea 3: Genia Connell’s “Wall of Fame” board! Coming up with a new board every month throughout the school year could lead to creative burnout. Let’s be honest: some days just don’t click in the brainstorming department. Never fear – have the classroom be responsible for the board. Assign a section of the bulletin board to each student and have a dedicated time for adding content to the wall. Students can share the stories behind their additions and create conversation. It’s a win-win!

 Bulletin boards are a great way to be creative with the classroom. Print projects and collages look great on the walls as well so feel free to add your own creative twists to any of these ideas. If anything needs professional printing, Ambrose can handle your digital and commercial printing needs!