Tennessee in general and Nashville in particular have exciting sports franchises and sporting universities. The Commodores, The Vols, The Predators, The Titans, The Bruins, The Blue Raiders, The Grizzlies and The Sounds all call this great state and city “home”. If you are a member of any of these fanbases, you know when the new sporting season comes around a tradition will begin anew. Tailgate parties! Once a niche culture, the event is now a phenomenon with the best crowds earning features on ESPN’s College Gameday and Fox’s NASCAR and NFL Sunday coverage. The food and camaraderie is always fun, but we love the creative signs! So what makes a great tailgate sign?

 Utilizing the team colors is a surefire starting point for designing your sign. Think of your favorite sports team or university as a brand – because it is! Certain colors come to mind. When you think of The Vols, UT Orange and White comes to mind. MTSU’s “Blue Raiders” is another easy one to coordinate a color scheme. If you feel you aren’t creative, using your team’s color is an obvious start.

 The logo of your pride and joy is also a great way to get creative since many times the logo themselves are creative and have significant meaning for the fanbase. If you notice the red stars within the logo of The Tennessee Titans, it mirrors the stars of the state flag! Another great way to show team spirit!

 Be witty or snarky using the local traditions in a play on words. You see these kinds of signs often when two rivals play one another. The Crimson Tide, The Gators, The Commodores, The Bulldogs and The Wildcats all receive a healthy dose of snark whenever they play The Vols. Using their mascots or popularity against them is a good recipe for a memorable tailgating sign! Just remember to keep it clean and have fun!