The most ghoulish time of the year is almost upon us, Nashville! The weather may say otherwise (86 degrees is not autumn-approved) but soon doorsteps will be covered in pumpkins, scarecrows and other festive decorations! If you plan on having this holiday, why not let your friends or neighbors know with digitally printed invitations!

A common sign that a house is participating in bag-stuffing fun is leaving the porch light on. But what if that light takes away from your spooky ambience? How will your neighbors know you have Snickers and Reese’s Cups that you absolutely don’t want left in the house in November? Send a few of your neighbors candy-covered invitations! This may work better in a subdivision or neighborhood where you feel comfortable with this approach obviously, but it could be fun to leave a custom print invitation in a mailbox. Jack-o- lanterns and cobwebs make great card designs if you choose this route, but the options are limitless.

You can also digitally print a custom sign for a tree in your yard or your mailbox to let a passerby know there is candy at your door. Or, add a holiday-themed riddle that allows a visitor a choice of candy if they answer correctly! Have fun with it!

So go ahead Nashville, and use our print services to create a fun environment for your party or candy- giving participation!