Leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees so autumn is finally here! Halloween has come and gone so the next big holiday is the family favorite, Thanksgiving! We gave ideas on Halloween invitations last month so why not create unique invites for your family to try your new holiday-themed dish?

We offered tips for restaurant menu designers during the summer, so why not create a special menu-themed invitation! Include any dishes you want to prepare for your loved ones and the ingredients (in case of food allergies) so your family will know what will be readily available on the day. This also offers an opportunity for someone to fill any holes with dishes you won’t offer. Fancy it up and name the dishes after family members or use “inside jokes” in the menu for a laugh. It will get everyone in a festive mood and ready for laughs.

Include pictures that reflect that kind of dinner you want to have. This stems from the theme as well. Are you hosting a black tie soiree? We hope not as those turkey stains are incredibly difficult to remove from tuxedo cummerbunds but let your guests know if you are. No one likes showing up over or under-dressed. You can use photos of a football or favorite sports team if everyone will be gathered around the television for a sports marathon! Add a picture of a newborn if it will be the baby’s first Thanksgiving and some family members have not been able to meet the little one yet. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, make sure you the include address! This is especially important if the venue is new. If you usually host at your home and want to have it another facility, be sure to let people know so they aren’t knocking on your door in the morning!

The type of paper you use for printing is important as well. If you are sending them as card invitations, make sure to use sturdier stock so the ink and photos are crisp and clear. We have everything you need here at Ambrose Printing Company to get your orders designed, printed and ready for you to mail! Give us a call or check our online system at our webpage.

Happy Eating!