It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many businesses as the Christmas holiday train leaves the station. Hopefully, your plan is already in place to promote your sales for the season, but we have a few ideas to kick your advertising and marketing into overdrive!

Print A Custom Banner or Sign
Large-format signs and banners are an unmistakably eye-catching way to promote your big offers or shopping deals. Ideas can range from the simple and basic to elaborate and incredible – it all depends on your brand on how you want to advertise. Be sure to incorporate your biggest motivator on your sign or banner. If your holiday mover is a BOGO deal or a hefty discount on a best seller, make it easy to read and prominent in your shop front or store area. Bold colors and even an image of the item will help distinguish items if there are similar ones on the shelves. Have fun with your normal advertising and jazz it up to keep a familiar theme running for regular customers while allowing a new audience to see and make the connection for future visits.

Print Mailers For Neighboring Businesses and Area Customers
“Shop Local” is a huge marketing theme currently with customers ready to support their local businesses and keep the money in the community. Show your neighbors that you are one of them with a custom mailer that shows your location and proximity to the community. Add a map and point out major reference points for people to connect the places to your space. You can even include a discount to the customers that bring the flyer into the store when they make their purchase and you can roughly estimate the effectiveness. Or, add a scannable QR code as well that could be used to track similar information. Be sure to recycle the printed paper they bring in!

Print A Collectible Book
This one could require more advanced notice but it is certainly one that could add value to any promotion. Why not extend your “Shop Local” beliefs to giving back to the community with a collection of images detailing the history of your shop? If you have been in the same area since opening, showing photos of how your place of business and neighborhood changed over the years would allow you to create a connection with your customers and create some brand loyalty at the same time.

Whatever you chose to promote your business this holiday season, Ambrose Printing Company has the ability to supply fulfill your printing needs! Give us a call and let us make this a Christmas to remember for you and your business. Happy Holidays Nashville!