2016 is coming to a close but there are still plenty of ways you can be productive before the new year is upon us. Many blogs and writers are turning in their “Best Ways to Close the Year” and “Best Way to Start the New Year” blogs and there are plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes there can feel like too many voices giving instructions and not enough ideas on how to organize or structure the advice. So as a way to cut through the noise, why not create a customizable calendar to plan your days, weeks, and months for the new year! These types of calendars are very popular for workers who prefer visual cues over verbal as the tasks can be displayed in a way that is pleasing and recognizable.

A great way to decide if a calendar is a good fit for your working preference is to simply evaluate how you use calendars that are currently available to you. Do you use the calendar on your phone or your work computer / laptop? What do you enjoy or dislike about using it? If you like the idea of utilizing it as a brain dump for creative sessions – then a customizable calendar is perfect! We can print off a calendar design that allows for laminating and you can use wet-erase markers to annotate, brainstorm, or schedule in anyway you like. The best part is a printed calendar can be hung for display in your office (at work or home) in any location you like. You can squeeze your stress ball while writing out ideas for a planning or strategy session you have scheduled for the week. You can glance at it while on a phone call and use anyway you like to mark urgent events for easy notice.

Printing a big work calendar is perfect if you love using visual cues for planning as well. Having a giant calendar is perfect for seeing just how crowded a particular week or day can be if you color code the events, tasks, or activities. Too much red on Monday? See what you have planned and how you can move the pieces around and adjust for a more productive workweek.

Hopefully 2016 was a great productive year and you can continue into 2017 with an even better idea of how you like to plan and use a calendar. Give us a call at Ambrose Printing Company and we can help you achieve these goals by printing a working calendar that best suits your style!