You’re an excited entrepreneur. After years of carefully developing a new line of products, you’re finally ready to sell them to as many customers as possible. To accomplish this monumental task, you know selecting the perfect type of product packaging is crucial. Besides choosing the right type of material to encase your products in, you must be smart with print options. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following packaging design trends for 2017.

 Opt for Less Wording

When selecting the print for your package in 2017, less is more. Consumers are busier than ever. They often don’t have time to read wordy product packages before making buying decisions. Because you don’t want your packages filled with writing, strive to make every word count.

 Tell a Story with Illustrations

Instead of telling a story with numerous words, get your point across with illustrations. Incorporating a memorable picture on a product’s package is a wonderful way to build brand identity. Viewing a carefully created illustration can instantly improve customers’ moods by triggering happy memories. Perhaps, you need to create a package for a sunscreen. You might wish to include a beautiful illustration of a serene beach on each unit.

 Inspire with Vintage Designs

Reinvent your products’ packages by incorporating vintage designs. Vintage designs may stimulate both older and younger consumers in your target market. When older customers see vintage inspired packages, they’re often reminded of simpler and happier times. Younger customers, interested in a connection to the past, also embrace period packaged products.

 Utilize Environmentally Friendly Materials

Are the customers in your target market environmentally conscious? If saving the planet is a top priority for your clients, select environmentally friendly materials to pack your products in. Be sure to mention the green aspects of your product on its label.

 Make a Bold Statement with Color

Do you want your products to stand out on retailers’ shelves? To instantly appeal to customers’ senses, make a statement with bold colored packages. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright oranges, striking purples, and vivid yellows into your package design scheme.

 Create a Showpiece

Are you a fan of free advertising? If you make your products’ packages look like showpieces, customers will want to display them in their homes or offices. When this phenomena occurs, more people see your goods. Perhaps, you market olive oil. Pour it into an appealing bottle your customers will want to proudly showcase on their kitchen countertops.

To increase the odds of enjoying business success in 2017, choosing the perfect package design for your products is crucial. If you need help creating product packages potential customers will notice, consider contacting Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville.