About half of the goods manufactured in the world are stored in corrugated materials. This is because manufacturers know the immense benefits associated with this form of packaging. If you are not aware, here’s a list of reasons to use corrugated packaging!:

Corrugated Packaging is Renewable

Materials used in corrugated packaging are made from pine and birch tree pulps. These trees harbor a high percentage of recyclable materials. These materials can be used to store other items in your house or business. Most of them can be reused to pack new items. This reduces the cost of energy and other materials required to make a new packing box.

Corrugated Packaging is Lightweight

People love materials that are light. Customers will go for products that are light whenever they are on a shopping spree. Thus, companies who pack their items in these materials report larger sales volumes than those who don’t. These materials are lightweight and convenient when shopping, packing, loading or unloading.

Corrugated Packaging is Inexpensive

Manufacturers will try as much as possible to reduce their production costs. That is why they don’t hesitate to use techniques that keep costs down and efficiency and profitability high. The raw materials used to make these materials are inexpensive which makes them more affordable than any other material available in the market.

Corrugated Packaging Allows for Better Printing

Companies always prefer to print their names and a brief description of the products they sell on the packing material. These packing materials have better printing and graphic capabilities so brands can use them to market and create awareness among their consumers. Most companies take advantage of these capabilities to print their logos and contacts on the boxes. They can easily label the boxes and give customers enough information about the products inside.

Corrugated Packing Provides Better Protection

Manufacturers always want their products to reach the market safely. Thus, they prefer materials that can provide good protection for a long time. These packing materials have the mechanical capacity to protect the items inside against damages. The boxes and cardboard are stronger and less prone to environmental effects as seen in other materials. Some of them can resist the adverse effects of excess heat or cold caused by temperature variations. This means that companies can use them in both winter and summer.

Corrugated Packaging Can Hold Many Products

Corrugated  materials can be used to pack different items. They are available in different shapes, sizes and designs, which means that they are capable of accommodating items of varying shapes and sizes. They can also be used in situations where a customer orders an item based on his specifications. The materials are valuable because needs can vary during production and distribution.

Corrugated Packing Is Readily Available

You don’t  have to spend hours on the internet or calling companies to quote specialized packing materials. They are readily available in local companies or online stores within the neighborhood. Companies and individuals who live in Nashville can call Ambrose Printing Company for optimal solutions to their packing needs.