Bands have marketed themselves with print goods since long before the advent of social media. Today, digital printing allows musicians to affordably create high quality T-shirts, posters, flyers, and more. Here are 4 tips for using printing to build your music career.

1) Print Show Flyers

Flyers have a built-in advantage over digital marketing. How? No social media algorithm decides who sees them! If you post a flyer in a well-traveled public place, everybody who walks by will see it. That’s a whole lot better than Facebook’s average of 10-15% exposure for each post.

2) Sell Posters Online

You only have to invest in a poster design once to sell it for a lifetime. If you don’t want to pay for that, you can find a talented friend or family member who’s willing to design it for free. Print high-quality posters and you can sell them online to your fans for $10 or more. Ambrose Printing Company can help you with setting up the perfect print for your design.

3) Print Wearable Merchandise

Wearable merchandise is one of the best ways to grow your musical brand. Whenever a person wears your band’s shirt in a city like Nashville, hundreds of people might see it within hours. Make sure your band name is easy to read within the shirt design.

4) Do Inexpensive Prints: Stickers, Patches, Pins

Affordable prints such as stickers, patches, and pins can be very useful for musicians. It’s an industry tradition to include a few such freebies with mail-order CDs, and they can be given away in exchange for emails or other useful info. Keep a bag of inexpensive print goods with you whenever you’re on official band business.

Print products are a great way to build your music career. You can use items like T-shirts, posters, and stickers to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Most of your favorite bands have these print goods, right? All it takes is one idea to get started. Once you have a plan on how to promote your band or label, give Ambrose Printing Company a call!