Ambrose Printing Company handles all kinds of products and designs. From cereal boxes to watch packaging, anything is possible. These carton design ideas will show off some of the many creative and eye-catching possibilities for businesses of all sizes.

Hand-drawn and Stylish

With the rise of indie culture, quirky designs are here to stay. Your packaging will become much more appealing if decked out in eclectic, hand-drawn designs. Depending on your product’s market, you could even turn your packaging into a coloring book on the outside and ship it with a couple of markers or crayons. Printing cool packaging in Nashville is easier than ever with quirky carton ideas like this one.


A little art is all it takes to elevate your product to the next level. Adding some illustrations and elegance to a package will increase credibility in stores and online. Whether you have your own graphic designer or need to hire extra help, Ambrose Printing Company can help you with a design. We can create a mock-up of your packaging so you know exactly what deliverables you need. With illustrations and visual branding that’s unique to your business, your packaging will look great.

Bold and Memorable

If you want to stand out in the eyes of the customer, consider a bold, graphic approach. With solid colors and simple text, your product will embrace current trends. From industrial chic to manufactured perfection, this is another great design idea for your company. A simplistic, graphic approach can work great for all kinds of products, including shave kits, granola and crafting sets.

Black and White

If you’re going for sophistication and elegance, consider a black and white color palette. This is an especially fitting design idea if your company sells luxurious products. From watches and high-end shoes to gourmet delicacies and expensive cookware, a black and white design can be all you need to have stunning packaging.

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