Do you work in a freelance industry and sell hand-crafted items? Do you run a small business? Are you looking for new, creative, seasonal ways to market your goods? If so, read on to learn a few ideas for getting creative and cost-effective labels printed for your sale!

Label Idea #1: Colorful Eggs

Have colorful eggs printed on your labels to show sale percentages — such as 20% = a blue egg, 30% = a yellow egg, 50% = a pink egg and so on. This is fun for the customer, and it gives them an easy system for remembering what they’ll be saving.

Label Idea #2: Hatching a Sale!

Call your sale something catchy such as: “We’re Hatching a Spring Sale!” and have that imprinted on your label. You can add some fun spring icons, such as eggs hatching with baby chicks to further expound upon the theme.

Label Idea #3: Hop On Over!

Create a “Hop on Over!” theme by highlighting times when customers can get the best savings. You can have the “Hop on Over” ¬†labels attached to the clothing that is on sale during those key times. Have bunny and egg icons printed on the labels to further the theme.

Label Idea #4: Fill Your Basket

This is a great idea for clearance items. Arrange baskets at the front of your store and tell customers they can fill them up with items that have the “Fill Your Basket” label. You can add seasonal basket icons and eggs to the labels to make them stand out as the items that are eligible for the basket clearance sale.

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