Glossy paper-and-ink publications still hold a certain appeal – and influence – in the 21st century. Loyal readers continue to look forward to the newest issue of their favorite glossy, whether on the newsstand or in their mailboxes.

The Gazette Review reported in August 2016 on the Top Ten Best Selling Magazines in the World. Some of the ranking magazines may surprise you! The list included:

Better Homes and Gardens

It covers a range of topics including decor and styling, food and cooking, and flowers and gardening. The magazine’s popularity (circulation over 7,000,000) allowed expansion into the television world as well.

Game Informer

Originally published in 1991, ‘Game Informer’ started out as more of an in-store sales flyer for the video game retail chain GameStop. Since that very humble beginning, it has gone on to become one of the most influential publications in the gaming community.


The AARP – the American Association of Retired People – is an organization open to any American from the age of 50 up. Each member of the organization can receive the paper version, giving it a circulation of over 23 million people. The content focuses on health, age-related issues, and celebrities who fit the group’s age demographic.

According to AdvertisingAge, if we looked at the Top 25 Consumer Magazines by Circulation in 2011, ‘AARP’ and its companion, ‘AARP Bulletin,’ were at the top of the list. ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ was number 3, followed by ‘Reader’s Digest.’ These figures look only at U.S. numbers.

By a slightly different measure, Top 25 Consumer Mags by Single-Copy Sales, AdAge listed the top 4 as:

  1. Cosmopolitan
  2. Woman’s World
  3. People
  4. First

From these lists, it’s hard to tell what exactly makes a publication popular. Some have broad appeal, while others target specialized audiences. What is easy to see is that the power of print is still relevant for many audiences!

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