Spring Break has come and gone but it’s a great reminder that graduation will be here soon! Graduation is an important event for many students and their families. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate a new milestone. Whether your child is graduating from third grade, college, or medical school, it is important to honor the accomplishment. The event can be even more memorable by inviting friends and family to attend the ceremony. While it is fine to invite someone over the phone, an invitation speaks volumes about the importance of the event. Here are some ideas on creating an unforgettable graduation invitation:


  1. Does your child’s school provide professionally taken photos with a cap and gown? This could be the cover of the card. Grandma and grandpa are sure to keep it forever as a memo.


  1. If the number of guests are not limited and you plan on inviting a lot of people, consider printing on business card paper. That way, you save time and money from not having to stuff envelopes.


  1. Planning to invite friends and family to a dinner celebration even if they cannot attend the ceremony? Maybe you even want it to be a surprise for the new graduate. Make a huge congratulatory banner and put a picture of it in the card. It is a great way to signal to your guests that it is a big event! Let them know that they will be signing the banner.


  1. Thinking of making a keepsake for your new graduate? You can turn each card into a page in the guestbook. Tell your guests to write a message to the graduate when they mail back their cards to RSVP. You can then send those cards to Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville, where they can be bound into a book.

There is no right or wrong way to invite someone to your child’s celebration. But sending a fun card will let people know that it will be a fun event. So let’s get started and be creative! Your graduate has worked hard to get to this point and deserves the best celebration.