The Benefits of Using Shelf Talkers for Retail Advertising

Most people have seen shelf talkers without knowing what they are. In retail stores, these colorful tabs pop out from shelves in clear view of customers walking down the aisles. In many stores, the use of talkers has boosted product sales dramatically. Every retail advertiser should consider the benefits of using pop-out tabs to accomplish their marketing goals.

Hard to Miss

Talkers appear bold and large like billboards on highways. The tabs are bright colored with large words like “sale” and “hot deals.” The discounted prices are printed large enough to get anyone interested in the product. Talkers are not flyers with small words that people must stop what they’re doing and walk up to read. All the tabs are designed solely to get the quick attention of customers.


Most store ads are shown in the newspaper, which many customers do not read. Talkers do not require you to shuffle through the paper or ask a clerk for help. In typical stores, many price tags are difficult to see, and the words are too small or faded. Customers have to squint or crouch down to read the fine details.

On the other hand, tabs are attached to make it easy and convenient to know about the day’s sales. Only a few words appear on the tab, so shoppers only get the most important details.


Shelf talkers are affordable for all retail store managers in need of effective advertising. Cut more than half of the costs required to advertise in newspapers or on television. Buy hundreds of tabs to use throughout the store and bring attention to countless sales. Talkers are more affordable than flyers and banners and may be more effective at increasing sales.

For a unique type of salesperson, invest in shelf tabs that pop out and do most of the talking for you. Save money on more expensive advertising methods, like arrow sign spinners and display tables, that may not deliver the results you want. In Nashville, find standard and custom services for your digital or conventional retail printing needs at Ambrose Printing Company.