Business cards come in a wide range of styles, types and sizes these days. They also communicate a much wider array of information and are used for a wide range of purposes. From non-traditional sizes to double-sided printing, today’s cards do more than communicate information -they make a statement about your business. This is particularly important for small business owners that don’t have an established brand to speak for them. In Nashville, Ambrose Printing Company can help you design a card that creates the right impression for your business. Here are 4 great ideas for small business owners:

  1. Make your card match your profession

If you are a writer, editor or publisher, you may want to create a bookmark card instead of a traditionally sized one. If you are a person who works with pets, you may want to have custom die-cut cards created in the shape of a dog or cat or choose a paw print themed card. You also don’t have to have cards made out of paper, either. Wood and metal are just two materials that modern business cards can be made from.

  1. Make it useful

If you are a mechanic or own a bicycle repair shop, you can have a flat multi-tool created and imprinted with your contact information. For a more traditional way of making a business card that is both functional and useful, you can have a calendar or tip chart created on the back. For a coffee bar, hair or nail salon, you may want to offer a punch card that gives them a free product or service after some paid services.

  1. Keep it simple yet comprehensive

You want to offer as much contact information as possible, such as cell phone and office numbers, website and email address, but keep extraneous information to a minimum. Also, work with a professional to ensure the best layout and design to make your card comprehensive, yet easy-to-read.

  1. Make it memorable

Small business owners in particular need to do what they can to make their card stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s using foil accents, an irregular size or some kind of custom card that is both functional and useful, you want to make a card that doesn’t blend in with the crowd. When you work for a well-known or established company, if people lose your card, they can always call your company. When you are a small business owner, they generally need your card to remember the name of your company. Do your best to make sure and design a card people will at least remember, if not keep.