Not All Carton Packaging Is Created Equal

Socks. You’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. One sock is like any other. The toe and heel go in exactly the same places. But would you wear a thin dress sock for an Alaskan trek? No. Would you use a carton meant to carry crated eggs to transport designer clothes? Absolutely not!

All packages have one purpose – the containment and transport of one or more things. Commercial packaging has 3 common types.

  1. Folding Boxes. These containers are intended to be minimized when not in active use like gift boxes or cereal boxes. They are lightweight and easily collapsed or folded.


  1. Rigid Boxes. For luxury or high value items, a rigid box enhances presentation while giving the contents inside support and protection. Made of durable materials, these boxes are meant to hold their shape and keep the contents safe inside. Rigid boxes put style first but do not ignore functionality.


  1. Corrugated Boxes. For pure commercial use, corrugated boxes are best with its layers of fiberboard that insulate, protect and cushion. Manufacturers use them to transport goods to stores and warehouses. Stores will use fiberboard for displays and stacking. They’re known for hardiness not style.


Carton design is not a one size and shape fits everything proposition. Two things can make a package world-class or just average. When deciding on project requirements, think about structure and design.

Structure is all about the tangibles – weight, strength, material composition, dimensions, texture and disposal options. Boxes must be able to survive the entire storage and distribution system either standalone or within another box. They must adhere to strict safety regulations and guidelines.

Design focuses on the intangibles – brand identity, value messaging, re-purposing and advertising potential. Containers must express and support a company’s marketing theme by its form, graphics and labeling.

Boxes like socks do one thing well. They act as containers. How that container is used makes a huge difference in structure and design.

Once a product is ready, it’s time to focus on distribution and transport. Ambrose Printing Company, based in Nashville, has decades of experience in the design and production of commercial and retail packaging. This family-run business has designers and production specialists fully qualified to assist you. Call us for your packaging needs today!