Four Awesome New Books About Summer Romance

Summer seems to be the season that everyone is waiting for all year long, and it’s a memorable time of year for any story’s setting. The springtime may be for new beginnings, but the summertime is when things really heat up. The following are four great new books about summer love now in print.

Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

This book is about a film location scout named Greer Hennessy, and she’s looking for the perfect beach to shoot on. She travels to Florida looking for a pristine, untouched beach, but the best location comes with a major problem. The local mayor is a staunch environmentalist, and he doesn’t want Greer to shoot on his city’s beach. The mayor eventually finds Greer too attractive to ignore. Will this sultry summertime romance get the best of them both?

Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

Annie isn’t good at athletics, but she is determined to run a marathon. Her boyfriend Kyle had been training for one, but he died before he could do it. Annie eventually meets a new man named Jeramiah, and his gung-ho nature wins her over. This story about summer love is an inspiring tale of accomplishment and new beginnings.

The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti

Quinn goes on a summertime road trip with her sisters and a boy named Jake. Jake is a tattooed bad boy on the surface, but he has a kind and gentle heart. All of them are on a quest to locate objects that Quinn’s father has stolen, but they also discover love, friendship, and self-respect along the way.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
Macy’s boyfriend is away at Summer Brain Camp, and she’s spending all her time studying for the SATs. Her home life is not going well. Macy’s father died, and both she and her mother are in a state of grief. Eventually, Macy begins to transcend her education-centered existence. She decides to help her sister renovate a beach house, and she meets a new boy, Wes. Wes is an honest, troubled, highly artistic person. He turns Macy’s life upside down.

What’s On Your Reading List?

A summer romance book can be very uplifting. You should add one to your reading list, or you might even try your hand at writing a good one. If you are an author or have printing needs, contact Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville today for professional service.