In today’s digital environment, some may dismiss the idea of office stationery, but that is a big mistake. Printed stationery brings a certain level of professionalism, especially to a new company.

There is also an art to a really great piece of stationery. What will it look like? What will it say? The piece of letterhead can often be the first impression of a company for customers or potential customers. They add a finishing touch to a package or presentation.

When putting together a company letterhead, it may be hard to decide what pieces of information are absolutely necessary. In fact, the information needed can vary from company to company and even industry to industry, but there are 3 things that every letterhead needs.

  1. Company Name – This includes your official company name and also any name that you are doing business as (dba).
  2. Company Address – This should include your street address along with city, state, and zip. Include your country if you do a lot of international business.
  3. Company Contact Information – This can be just your phone number including area code and/or a website address.

There are a handful of other items you could consider important if they are something that your company possesses like general email address and company logo. Some people often think that the logo is the only thing you need. This is not the case. It’s important that those you are communicating with are able to identify right away who is corresponding with them.

For us, we would definitely want to use our Company Name, Ambrose Printing Company, our address in Nashville, and both our phone number and email address.

If you have regional offices, you can decide if you want to do one sheet for the entire organization where you list all offices and their contact info. Another way to do it is to print individual sheets for each office.