Nobody likes mistakes! That’s why we at Ambrose Printing Company want you to be aware of the errors that can be costly in time and dollars as well cause abundant frustration. Even the brightest minds in Nashville have made spelling errors in their advertising, packaging, business cards, and brochures. Proofreading often seems to take a back seat to design by clients, when it comes to printing.

Proofreading seems like such an easy task that it is often overlooked. In a rush, it is easy to misuse words like “complimentary” and “complementary”. Even a double-check but the same person can cause simple mistakes to go unnoticed. We want to help you avoid the need to redesign entire projects due to unsightly spelling errors. Once the design reaches printing, that could be money wasted from your budget. So let’s make sure that never happens!

Here are some tips:


  1. Proofread as Soon as It is Done


As soon as the layout and final graphics are finished, proofread for mistakes. Reading your work out loud is the best option. We sometimes hear mistakes when spoken that we can miss by just reading. If we are going to design and print your job, proofread all written materials being sent for printer services.


  1. Have Someone Else Proofread


After you have done your proofreading, hand it over to an associate or literate friend to pass before their eyes. It is often valuable to have someone not familiar with the job read the words to ensure the spelling and words are correct and say what you mean to convey.


  1. Rest Easy


When you are content that your work is correct, you will be less stressed waiting for the printed piece. Your printer will be happier, knowing that the final submission has been proofread and is free of mistakes that might involve a reprinting.

Even if you rely on self-correction from a writing program on your computer, proofing your work should be a necessary step. Ambrose Printing Company wants our clients to be satisfied, and the first step in a successful printing job is the lack of mistakes before it is printed.