When you are ready to have your packaging printed, Ambrose Printing Company can help you with a package that makes your product stand out. Before you print the final packaging, however, there are certain factors in the design that you should be aware of. These tips will help you design a product that pops at retail and tells the customer what they need to know to make the purchase.

Readability of Important Information

If your product is for food, you will need to have nutritional information as part of the design. In other products, ingredients must be included. Make sure the typeface is readable and of a size that your customer can see. Consumers want to know what is inside the package. Sans-serif typefaces are readable and are best for conveying this important information.

Simplicity in Design

Your packaging must stand out on the shelf. Colors and strong design are important features that will enhance the sale of the product. It must make an impact sitting next to many other products at retail. Put yourself in the position of the shopper who faces a plethora of choices. Your branding is part of the design, and showing the brand is a major factor in repeated purchases and trust from the consumer. One question to ask regarding the design: Could a child find your product in a supermarket?

Creativity with Effectiveness

You can be visually creative in your design, but the measure of a good design will be how effective it is. With this in mind, keep clutter to a minimum. Invest in a good photograph if that will help the customer make a buying decision. Consumers make quick choices by color, design and the product being in a familiar location. You might want to add an emotional charge by utilizing the right color. Your logo will be an important part of the design; this is one of the factors that keep customers coming back. Think of the Coca-Cola design and its beautiful use of calligraphy to uphold the friendliness of the design and engage customers in the brand.

Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville can help produce your packaging in a cost effective manner with quality work when you are ready. With these factors taken into account, you will have a design that is memorable and engaging and brings customers back to buy the product again and again.