Brand packaging has many functions in marketing. So it is important to design strong packaging that accurately presents your product. Branding creates a visual representation of your company or product that can form public opinion. First impressions are important, and the first vision of a company is brand packaging.

Here are 3 important questions to answer when designing the labels or packages for your brand:

What Colors Should I Use to Design My Product’s Packaging?

Many companies choose colors that reflect their logos or match specific brand colors. A color is a powerful business tool because it has the power to trigger reactions in the forms of emotions, desires and, purchases. Designing a package around your company’s logo colors creates a cohesive presence for your product. This makes the company and the product a single thought for the consumer. Even when a company’s logo does not have a specific color scheme, businesses use specific colors in advertisements. Using the same color scheme creates instant recognition for consumers.

Should I Use Images?

Along with color schemes, graphics can be used to prompt interest in consumers. If your company manufactures and sells swimming pools, a well-placed photograph of a child splashing around in your pool in the summer sun creates a visual representation of the goal of your demographic, parents comparing swimming pools for the enjoyment of their children. Expertly designed logos, professional photographs featuring models using your product, or intriguing art are great examples of ways to make your product packaging stand out against competitors.

What Information Should I Include on My Product’s Label?

Potential customers do not use product packaging for appearance and brand recognition alone. Informative packaging communicates the product to the consumer while creating realistic expectations about the product. An eye-catching header highlights aspects of the product like what is or is not included in the bundle, age restrictions, or updates in a product’s construction or recipe. Clarity and completeness of general text are also important. Consumers rely on specifics information, ingredient lists or minimum technology requirements for a wide range of products.

In the marketing world, colors, graphics, and product information form the complete picture of your company’s product, making brand packaging a vital process. Print services like ones offered by Nashville’s Ambrose Printing Company can help boost product awareness and sales.