5 Creative Package Design Ideas

So you’ve got a product. Good start. But the marketing world is vicious, and every little aspect of product promotion affects the income potential. You must become as savvy as possible when it comes to even the smallest things, including packaging.

Whether you’re printing book covers, designing lotion bottles, or finding an environmentally-friendly way to ship make-at-home meals, it’s always a battle to capture fresh inspiration. Here at Ambrose Printing Company, we want you to succeed in your marketing endeavors.

To help you out, here are five creative package design ideas for your custom products:

  1. Engage the senses.

Use materials that entice two or three senses other than sight. Incorporate bumpy-textured cardboard. Tie a bow with silky ribbon. Have a scratch-and-sniff feature. The more senses, the better.

  1. Build off a visual theme.

If you’re selling bird seed, use a birdhouse-shaped carton. If you’re shipping baked goods, craft a box that looks like cake tiers or giant cookies. Play with the¬†structure to find the right balance between functionality and attractiveness. Your package design should reflect what the customer wants, but not in the way they expect.

  1. Play to an audience.

    This rule reigns supreme. For instance, here in Nashville, Ambrose Printing Company can create packaging aimed at musicians, restaurateurs, tourists, and any walks of life from the Nashville area. Need packaging that markets guitar picks? We can do that, and with your input, make local guitarists want it all the more. Knowing your audience is essential to successful package design.

  2. Make unpacking interactive.

Who doesn’t love taking hold of a tab and peeling off the paper in long, curly strips? Or perhaps your packaging has Velcro that can re-seal the box? Getting your customer involved beyond fighting with tape can be a huge boost to your product’s popularity.

  1. Commission artists for unique, consistent style.

The internet is bursting with freelance artists willing to design gorgeous artwork, patterns, and custom print for your packaging. Search on websites like DeviantArt.com and Guru.com to browse freelance artist portfolios. The hard part will be choosing the perfect one for your product!

So take your marketing challenges by the horns. Ignite your creativity and spark those fantastic package designs; it will help you succeed. Ambrose Printing Company here in Nashville can make all this happen, and more. Your imagination has no limit.