Many people love second-hand bookstores. There’s something almost magical about walking into a great bookstore. There’s that wonderful smell of old books. The pages yellowed with age. The old photo or note that was left in the book by the previous owner. The curiosity and wonder at what you could find.

The potential is endless.

If you are chasing that scent of magic and are on the lookout for a great, gently used book, or just want to spend the day surrounded by the brilliant minds of the past, check out some of Nashville’s best second-hand bookstores.

Rhino Booksellers

Rhino is owned by Fred Koller who came to Nashville in 1979 after closing his bookstore in California. This shop touts almost 75,000 titles! If you are looking for something a bit more unique to add to your collection, Rhino Books has a back room full of first editions.  There is even a vault that has Koller’s collection of priceless books.

Landmark Booksellers

Landmark Booksellers is found in The Old Factory Store down in Franklin which was built in 1926. Owned by Joel Tomlin and his wife Carol, this gem has over 60,000 new and rare book. With over 1,500 first editions that are signed, it is also a great place to find a special copy. Most of its original collection of 50,000 came from another used bookstore, Dad’s Old Bookstore, which closed over a decade ago. The Tomlins were seeking something they could do together and opened Landmark Books with the collection in 2005. The books are all neatly organized which makes exploring wonderfully fun. There’s also a children’s reading room in case you bring the kids along!

Elder’s Bookstore

Elders contains a great collection of out-of-print, used and rare books, and the hard to find books. It started in 1930 when Charles Elder opened the doors on Fourth Avenue. He loved books and history which is infused in the space today despite the shift in location. With 78 years under its belt, Elder’s Bookstore is one of the oldest bookstores in Tennessee. There is a wide range of book selections from genealogy, antique children’s books, Civil War, prints, and maps. Charles’ son, Randy, owns the store now and has been working at the store since he was 5 years old.

Wherever your book treasure hunt takes you, Ambrose Printing Company hopes you find the best adventure and the best story.