Summer’s in and the kids are home, which means Mom (or Dad) needs new ways to keep them occupied and creative. Below are some simple, engaging print projects for crafty kids and parents.

DIY book-binding.

Here at Nashville’s Ambrose Printing Company, we take bookbinding to a new creative level. You can do the same at home with your kids. First, have your child create their book on loose printer paper. You could also use blank pages for a Summer Journal your child can fill.

Use a 3-hole punch to prepare pages, then insert it into a binder. You could also staple the pages together, then use duct tape to cover the book’s binding.


Waterproof bookmarks.

Now that you have a book, you need a bookmark! Cut long strips of paper, then cut out shapes of different-colored stationary or construction paper. Have your child glue them onto the bookmark to cover it completely or create a design. Once it’s finished and dry, “laminate” it by placing it between two strips of clear packing tape and pressing them together.


Scissors-free pinwheels.

Here’s an extra-safe craft your kids can do on their own once you’ve done it together. Start with a square piece of paper (you can print your own designs or use pre-printed ones) and fold it diagonally both ways. Make sure you fold each crease multiple times. Carefully tear along the seams, working slowly, until about a half-inch from the center. Fold one corner of each section to the center. Use a thumbtack to poke a hole through the middle and attach the pinwheel to an un-sharpened pencil. Or, tape the pinwheel fins to the inside for a non-spinning, thumbtack-free version.


Layered 3-D art.

For this, you will need cardstock or cardboard (multiple pieces), multicolored construction paper or print stationary, and glue. Start with a piece of colored card stock or cardboard, then have your child design cut-out shapes to create a scene on the paper. Cut circles from cardboard to serve as “pop-up buttons” and glue them to the underside of the decorations, then to the card stock. When you’re done, your scene will pop from the page.

In Nashville, the summer months are long and free for creativity. Ambrose Printing Company hopes you have a great summer with projects like these that you and your child can enjoy together.