Five Popular Nashville magazines

You may hear stories saying, “Print is dead” and one day we will all be reading from our electronic devices. We at Ambrose Printing Company know this is not true due to the large number of projects we complete every day for our clients.

Further evidence that the print industry is still vital are the many magazines you will find in the Nashville area. Here’s a list of some popular ones:

Nashville Lifestyles

This publication is a must-read for anyone wanting to know about everything going in Nashville. Founded in 1999, the publication has more than 120,000 subscribers. One popular feature is “Party Pic” featuring shots from the area’s social events. You can also read interviews with celebrities from around the area.

Nashville Post

The Nashville Post, established in 2000, is a go-to source online for breaking political and business news. But the Post also releases quarterly magazines with stories about the movers and shakers in the Music City. The publications are must-reads for anyone wanting to know more about the city.

Nashville Key

Tourists and residents rely on this publication to tell them who is performing where and where to go and dine after the performance. You can also learn about attractions in and around the area. You will also find a guide of how to get where you need to go.

Nashville Parent

Nashville is a great place to raise a family and this publication is a great guide for moms and dads. The publication includes suggested activities and tips for parenting at any age. The print publication is complemented by a comprehensive website that includes directories for services parents may need.

Give a Little Nashville

This is one of the newer offerings in the Music City and the most unique. Founded in 2012 by Olivia West and Krys Midgett, the publication focuses on charity. The print edition also features compelling features. Some past covers featured Charlie Daniels, Ty Herndon, and Tracy Lawrence.

New magazines are created on almost weekly basis. Some people still like having something to hold that doesn’t have to be charged. What are some of your favorite publications?