Black and white ads may exude a dramatic minimalist effect, and there is no doubt it is cheaper, but defaulting to colorless ads takes away the possibility of evoking the emotional response you want from consumers. Our expert designers at Ambrose Printing Company serve Nashville businesses, organizations, and individuals by helping with color choices that make a difference.

Colors and the Emotions They Spark

Different shades have commonly accepted meanings based on research into emotional responses in marketing and beyond. These are a good starting point for designing with different shades, hues, and tones.


Red – Passion, action, and excitement.

Orange – Friendliness and happiness. Could also mean danger.

Yellow – Optimism, warmth, and light.

Green – Growth, health, money, and eco-friendliness.

Blue – Dependability, strength, and trustworthiness.

Purple – Royalty, wisdom, creativity.

Pink – Beauty, innocence, girlishness.

Brown – Ruggedness, richness, and nature.

Gray – Professionalism, and steadiness.

White – Clarity, light, and neutrality.


Options for Different Purposes

It is important to take the ad or item into account when designing as well. A postcard announcing a special sale use red and yellow for different purposes than a horror genre book cover, for example. You want the first to attract attention, create excitement, and inspire action, and the latter to create a sense of dread and danger. If an advertisement or direct mail piece evoked danger, you would have a hard time selling anything.

The Challenge of Choosing Colors

For international companies or anyone who wants to make sales globally, the challenge of choosing colors intensifies. What triggers excitement to one potential customer group may make another feel uncomfortable.

The secret to correct choices lies in target audience discovery. Your product or service cannot be the perfect thing for every person on Earth. We work with you to design the best style options for the people you want to reach.

We at Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville understand the subtle differences in design that can inspire an ad viewer or print mailer recipient to react and take action. The choice of shade or hue in everything from your business logo to the text on a coupon makes a difference. While many impressions are personal and all possibilities cannot be covered, certain colors can trigger an expected emotive response in specific demographics or in the majority of consumers across the board. Contact us to talk about your commercial printing and design needs, Nashville!