Corrugated cardboard is an excellent packaging material that many Nashville business owners, publishers, designers, authors, and entrepreneurs consider to be their first choice. It is made from an arched paper referred to as “fluting,” which is engineered by advanced computer design and manufacturing systems to ensure it can carry differing weights with ease and withstand moisture so the contents contained inside stay nice and dry. It is customizable, which means it can carry most items, and it is used in a variety of industries for this reason.

Here at Ambrose Printing Company, we know that corrugated cardboard is suited for packaging, and below are some important benefits of using it that might turn you on to this sustainable solution.


It Can Be Customized and Used For Marketing

Corrugated cardboard can be printed on easily, which means your Nashville company can increase brand awareness and market itself by using a packaging design that includes a custom logo and company name printed on it. Some businesses take advantage of this feature by also printing promotional details on the packages they send out. This is a good way to make an impression on your customers because it will make your business look more professional and put together. If you want to have more control over your packaging design, using this kind of cardboard is a no-brainer.


It Can Save You Money

Not only is this kind of cardboard an excellent choice for those who want sustainable solutions due to its recyclable nature, but it also cuts down on packaging costs. This is due to the fact that making it is not labor intensive allowing it to be sold for very affordable prices. It is also very reusable and can be folded up easily and stored away to use again at a later time. It is very popular nowadays for Nashville businesses to use sustainable packaging, so when you use it, you can be proud of the fact that you do too!


It Makes Everything Easier

Corrugated cardboard comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it protects the contents inside of it by providing a stable cushion that can withstand short or long-distance shipping and handling. It also keeps whatever is inside of it away from moisture, which is important to most businesses. To boot, its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle during the process of loading and unloading.

If you live in Nashville and are looking for a packaging solution that is customizable, great for branding and marketing, saves you money, and makes the shipping and handling process a breeze, we here at Ambrose Printing Company suggest considering corrugated cardboard. It might take your business or enterprise to the next level.