Direct mail continues to be one of the best ways to reach new and returning customers. Every day people check their mailboxes in search of a special offer. You can engage readers through the design quality of your direct mail pieces. Successful direct mail campaigns go far beyond words on a page. Make sure the overall design of your mailer creates the optimal experience from top to bottom and front to back. Here’s how you can make your Nashville Christmas sale mailers stand out from the crowd.

Create a Must-have Christmas Experience

Use size, shape, and color to make your mailer stand out in the hands and the eyes of your audience. Postcard mailers work well for coupons, promos, and single-item sale offers. Use full-size, full-color mailers for storewide sales on multiple products. Use a commercial printing company that can get creative and produces a mailer shaped like a Christmas tree or a gingerbread man.

Use Images to Create Bullet Points

Bullet points make it easy to find important details. Use close-up images, in place of bullets, to highlight product features. But make sure your mailer is not overcrowded. Depending on the size of the mailer, you may only want to showcase two or three features of a single product. Or you can show pictures of the top three gift ideas along with a brief description of each.

Don’t Forget the Main Point of Advertising

Make sure you include details like sale dates, shipping promotions, and volume discounts.

At this point, the recipients of your mailers are fully engaged. You’ve shown them what’s available and given them useful information about your products. They probably can even see the gift wrap and imagine the surprise on their loved one’s face when they open it up. Don’t put all the effort into marketing then forget to ask them to buy something now.

Nashville Christmas Sale Mailers

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