When designing marketing materials for any business, using UV coating is a good choice. It changes the properties of the paper used for your design and can positively impact how well the piece stands up to use. Using this coating makes your printed product eye-catching with a rich and glossy look.

UV coating will provide either a matte or a glossy finish, depending upon the chosen style, adding a high level of sophistication to the materials used for the company’s marketing strategy. This coating process actually adds extra material to the paper so that it becomes thicker and more rigid, giving the paper more longevity.

When UV is used on deep and rich colors such as blues and blacks, the result looks like the surface of the paper is wet. This can work very well when used on projects that are image-rich, such as catalogs and brochures. This stunning shine is why UV coating is so popular for particular designs and products.

The coating is applied after the ink has been laid down, which offers another layer of protection to the design. This prevents scuffing, fading, and smudging, making the message readily viewable for far longer.  

Adding a UV coating to mailed communications such as brochures, booklets, catalogs, or postcards will protect the company’s designs from the hazards of the mailing process. It will allow the mailed pieces to maintain a professional and high quality appearance, due to the extremely hard finish that is both chemical and abrasion resistant. A piece of mail needs to arrive at the customer’s location in great condition, and that will reflect well on any business.

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