Styrene printing has become one of the most popular printing methods used in advertising for many reasons. The lightweight material makes it suitable for use in numerous applications for both indoor and outdoor signage, and these signs are a common fixture in tradeshow, poster, and mounted indoor applications.


Styrene printing methods can be used in multiple ways. Styrene prints can be framed and mounted as posters. While as a floor stand at a trade show, the styrene-printed sign will make quite an impression. Versatility makes styrene printing options a sound choice for business owners.  Signage for a trade show needs to be easy to see, easy to move, and resistant to bumps and scratches since the signs will be in place for several days at a time, and possibly moved about, so that versatility is a plus!

Colorful printed applications are another benefit for using this method. Rich, bold colors cause styrene-printed signage to stand out, while maintaining the highest level of sheen and permitting maximum flexibility in design.


The durable styrene sign yields considerable savings as well. Nashville businesses are pleasantly surprised to see the poster retain its original appearance for years to come, and that’s a great benefit for owners of businesses who participate in trade shows on a regular basis. It can be cut to unique and interesting shapes (making it perfect for creating unique and eye-catching designs) and the material is highly adaptive; it is easily transported by being rolled and tubed.


Styrene is a relatively inexpensive print method and perfect for seasonal or one-time use applications. It is also easy to mass produce for such projects as larger trade show venues, so a business owner can be confident that printing a bigger quantity won’t break the bank.


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