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Portrait John Ambrose, CEO Ambrose Printing Company
John Ambrose, CEO


In the year 1865, a small printing office named The American Book & Job Office was opened in Nashville, TN.  After twenty-one years of operation, Joshua Henry Ambrose, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis railroads, purchased The American Book & Job Office to pay off railroad tariffs.  As the printing office continued to be profitable, Joshua’s brothers, James and Albert joined the business.  They arrived from England and helped operations grow.  By 1905, the brothers purchased substantial interests in the company and Ambrose and Bostleman was incorporated.

It did not take long for the printing office to take on its new name of Ambrose Printing Company.  While there have been many changes since the year of 1865, the founder’s name and spirit still lives within the company today!

Ambrose Printing Company has continued to keep pace with latest printing technology.  More importantly, its pressmen offer experience ranging from 40 years to 4 years with an average of 17 years of craftsman experience. Lastly, Ambrose Printing Company is a progressive firm that is willing and able to meet most customer printing needs.  It is proud of its heritage and stability of 150 years of continuous operation.

In memorandum of John L.  Ambrose, Jr.

We at Ambrose Printing dedicate this website to John L. Ambrose, Jr. Mr. Ambrose was known best for his love and care for people. He believed in giving his employees the freedom to make decisions for themselves and helping them through any hard times that may have arisen. Ambrose Printing salutes its leader because of his gracious heart towards others. We seek his gentle nature for comfort. We also ask for God’s continued blessing and protection on Ambrose Printing Company.

John L. Ambrose, Jr. Tombstone 1997
Memorial to John L. Ambrose, Jr. (1930-1997)

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